Sardu Standing At The Precipice

Standing At The Precipice


The vocals from Baron Sardu is definitely the main driving force behind Standing At The Precipice. His Trash and Harsh cutting rasp drives the song throughout this Early Metal, Metal Punk and a slice of Speed Metal album. The speed metal isn’t a constant throughout the album and only hits your ears a few times in the form from Barons guitar playing. The slower tempo is one of the benefits I find for the album, especially with Baron’s guitar playing. It allows way more room for the band to find a rhythm in the songs, and also generates a few killer licks as well. The sound and tone from Baron’s guitar also screams early metal which helps give to the rawness sound of the album. The timing throughout the album is skillfully written between the drums and guitars in the song, especially after Baron is coming out of a solo or lick in the songs. The length of the songs on the album I found was interesting, with almost half of the songs on the album coming under the two minute mark

“Dominion Of Evil” is my favourite track off of the album. Using the drum solo as the intro for the song is what first brought me into the song. Now there is nothing incredibly special about the solo but the beat and sound was enough to grab my attention. The riff that plays overtop of the solo after about five seconds sounds as it is ripped right from the clutches of 70’s metal. Throughout the song the guitars are kept at a steady pace that gives way for the vocals in the song. You definitely have to listen to the lyrics in this song. The first time through the song I had to skip back to listen and make sure what I heard was for real.

The intro to “Serpent of Light” sounds as if it’s a morphed Offspring riff, from their earlier albums. For a two minute song this song is definitely scattered around with different ideas of timing and rhythm sections. There seems to be an overflow of ideas that went into this track. The timing for the song is well put together especially due to the fact that the song goes in so many different directions in such a short period of time. Hell even the last minute of the song is a straight up guitars and heavy drumming. They do hit a couple of sweet sounding licks at around the minute thirty mark.

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