Scott Donnelly – Latest Releases




Spreading away from Superstack to focus and support on his solo work Scott Donnelly has a set of five solo releases now up on his website which can be found at . If you ever listened to Superstack before then you will be easily and quickly drawn into these awesome releases.

Starting off with the song “State Of The Union” Scott quickly introduces one of his many catchy guitar riffs, and then to put the song over the top right away he nails your ears with his striking vocals. How you don’t hear Superstack or Scott Donnelly on the radio is something that I still don’t get.  Throughout the song Scott is not shy about showing off his wicked guitar skills by layering in the guitar solos. The bridge work throughout the song is the main highlights of the song for me. Watching this song being played live I could imagine Scott easily stretching out the guitar solos. The layering of his vocals was a wicked idea and sounds awesome, especially with the lyrics that he chose and then the clever spots that he placed the layering. Then to really finish off the song Scott belts out one hell of a vocal finish.

Right away with a Rock N Roll Jazz drum intro “All The Same” kicks off.  The drum solo makes an appearance throughout the song and really kicks the tempo up in the song and helps carry the song along. The mixing of the backing and lead vocals sounds great, they still give Scott the frontline and help portray the lyrics as well. If you are skipping through the songs then you have to at least check out the guitar work at the two minute mark in this song and I can guarantee you will give each song on this release page that they deserve. Scott really sings out what he has to offer vocally in this song going from his higher raspy rock vocals all the way down to a smooth soothing sound. My favourite vocal part comes when he sings the song title “All the Same” to vocally finish off the song just after the three minute mark.

  1. State Of The Union
  2. Love At First Sight
  3. All The Same
  4. Thinking Out Loud
  5. Bridges To Tomorrow