Scythia Lineage


Scythia Brand New album titled Lineage is an Orchestral Metal Folklore compilation. With Lineage having the orchestral element to the album I was quite surprised by how dark the Metal element is throughout Lineage. Even the typical Viking element which is quite common to hear with this type of genre has been left out. The vocals throughout the album is huge driving factor within each song. The dark and heavy metal vocals are well mixed with clean cut (yet still containing the edge needing to combine the two with a full effect). The backing vocals are also pressed onto the lead vocals in furthering the effectiveness of the “Screaming” and Scathing vocals.

Lineage opens up with the track “Eternal Oath”. Right away after a brief intro from the space tingling keys your ears are met with a eternal scream which is one of many to come. The timing within the vocals during the track really expresses the work that Scythia has placed throughout the album. The guitars and keys really workout nicely together and blend in to create a wall of sound throughout the song especially rhythmically speaking. The song also builds itself up to a solid finish as well.

There is definitely no passing the epicness of the tracks “Loremaster pt I and Loremaster pt. II”. These pair of tracks are Scythia’s version of “Fade To Black” not comparing the songs here just saying that in comparison to the tales of Loremaster pt I and Loremaster pt. II creates the same atmospheric and sound element to which “Fade To Black” does. The lead guitar work and solos in both tracks have a certain presence in each song. The solos definitely give the songs their Metal sound and almost push an eighties feel to the songs as well. But just the feel definitely not the sound. Also if you like the length of your songs to be a lengthy one this pair of tracks are perfect for you.

The album finishes off with the title track “Lineage”. Just by hearing the first few seconds of “Lineage” Scythia has enclosed an ending sounding element embedded within the intro. The quick and fast beats between the drums and vocals is a great sounding touch to the song. To finish off the song and album they finish off with a quick and heavy beat and leave you hanging with a few seconds of dead air to finish off with.