Secret Club Apocalypse Meow


Taking the title of the album in stride Secret Club have one hell of a sound going on with their blend of Surf, Garage and Rock sound.

Catchy guitar riffs and drum beats are the driving force behind this band. If you are a fan of The Hives then you will for sure enjoy the lead vocals from AJ Babcock. His vocals definitely carry out the songs in quite a few key moments throughout the album. I found it’s the tones that he plays with that work so well with the songs. His bass playing also has a few catchy moments as well with the intro to “Toledo”. Do yourself a favour and listen to the starting of this song, and I can pretty much guarantee that you will be singing the lyrics to the song within a few short seconds.

Angela Plake kicks the album off in a stellar fashion with one of her many to come catchy guitar riffs. Now the riff isn’t the entire intro into the album the timing between the bass, guitar and drums is what really makes the intro pop. The tones in which AJ sings in also gives the song an extra spark as well. I could see this song being used on a Rock Band game due to the timing of the song.

Like I said earlier the third song “Toledo” is another catchy intro induced tune. What really works in the intro is the simplicity of the riff, and the extra layering from the guitar. I think I would be making this track the lead off single from the album with the self titled track coming in a close second.

“Lost” has a great 90’s alternative beat to it, which is partially the reason why I’m drawn into the song. The reflective guitar chords scream out Retro video streaming on Much Music. The levels in the song are kept at just the right decibel as the drums, vocals, and guitars do not intrude on each other. The opening riff is almost a cross between a Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and Big Wreck but on a easier/lighter side.