Sex-Ray Vision Buckle Up

Sex-Ray Vision

Buckle Up

With only a few nights before  Sex-Ray Vision disbanded they put on one last killer show which also served as the album Release Party for Buckle Up.

When you listen to this album I can assure you that you will be left in awe at the power of this killer album. The overall production, quality and composition of each and every song makes this album sound killer. It was quite a feat for the  Sex-Ray Vision to complete the album and have it ready for the album release party before their lead singer and Bassist Josh had to leave to continue his studies else where. This is the only shitty deal about having college and university bands in Kingston when you get a wicked band in town you know at some point in time they are going to break up.

Now only The Who and Sex-Ray Vision could create song about a pinball machine and create a killer rock out of the idea. The song kicks off with a Bil Cassidy “signature” fade in. The lyrics are definitely noticeable in the song which makes for a entertaining listen, they seem to take playing pinball to a bit more of an extreme level. The compositions of the song is great, Alex and Colin create a wicked rhythm in the song and Alex hits the solos where they belong. Then to top off the solos around the three and a half minute mark in the bridge Mitch hits a small but perfect length drum solo.

“Ivory Woman” The opening scream from Josh after the quick instrumental intro, and that is all I need to say about this song for you to get hooked on this one.

If it was on purpose or not Sex-Ray Vision has definitely written their anthem song with “Blood, Sweat & Beers”. Watching the guys play this song live and having the crowd chant “Blood, Sweat, Beers along with Josh has undoubtedly cemented this song as  Sex-Ray Vision anthem song. Another detail that can’t go unnoticed is the fact that they channel in the style 80’s heavy Metal guitar riffs and give them an updated sound. (Josh’s vocals at the 3:17 mark, check it out).

For a first single I would go with  Sex-Ray Vision’s pick “Monster Truck”. The intro makes a statement in the song for sure. The intro is comprised of the guys getting setup in the studio with a guitar riffing in the background but with sound muffled right down to the control room sound. This idea has been pulled off a few times before and  Sex-Ray Vision pulls it off again. Now when the song “Officially” begins any fans of Guns N Roses will for sure enjoy the opening riff to the song and really the guitars in general throughout the song. Mitch on drums keeps the rhythm flowing throughout the song and with the crashing cymbals definitely makes a stand in the song. Now was  Sex-Ray Vision song would be without a couple of solos thrown in there. The instrumental break just after the two minute mark is where the song really takes it stride.

Now the shitty deal is there probably won’t be another live show to catch  Sex-Ray Vision at but you can visit message the band from there to get your hands on a copy of Buckle Up.