Shortwave takes The new Indie Rock sound and floats the sound across each track on their Self – Titled album.

Toronto rockers Shortwave released their second album which is Self-Titled to the world in early 2008. Their music has a wide variety of influences and sound that comes together to create a almost now familiar sound. They have brought together the sounds of early U2, slammed together with the attitude of the Clash (before they were famous) and other Canadian Indie rockers with collective sound as the JSB has. I am in favour how most of the tracks collaborate the new sounds of Indie rock and they pull out the mini Band Jams in the songs.

The album contains six tracks, “Esther”, “Darting Bows Of Love”, “Revival”, “Stereo”, “Less You”. “Whatcha Get”.

Members of Shortwave involve five musicians who are Devin Jannetta on Drums, Cary Parker on Organ and Vocals, Nic Oliverio on Bass, Sager Johnson on Guitar and Vocals and Ryan Johnson on Vocals and Guitar.

“Esther” starts off the album with a catchy little number. At the start of the song there is a fast paced guitar which sounds like only hitting two strings, but it is enough to garner your attention. The vocals stand out to me in this song, they carry the rock Indie sound beautifully. But what really carries this song is the rhythm to the song, it carries along different sounds and changes tempo a couple of times. The song seems to carries along influences that also could branch out to a very light touch of reggae a “Police“ tone of reggae, mostly being in the guitars in certain sections of the song. I would peg “Esther” as the lead single off the album.

“Revival” shows right away why they can claim that they have the attitude of the Clash at the starting of this song. The song starts off with a solid Keys and Drums Intro which is later followed with the same attitude when the guitars kick in. Even with a higher pitched sounding vocals they seem to pull out the song with all the stops. The vocals add a nice little flavour to the song, where I believe if the vocals were strong and heavy I don’t think I would enjoy this song as much as I do. Throughout the entire song the band remains strong even when the tempo slows down and pulls off a couple of nice guitar licks in the song. The Drums and the Keys are what to me keeps this songs going and what makes the song stand out on the album.

“Less You” varies closely in resemblance with the first song “Esther” with the starting and following the same guidelines as set by “Esther”. The instruments overshadow the vocals in a few parts in the song. The vocals also seem a little quieter in this song compared to the other songs. The strength is still in the vocals however but they just seem a tad bit quieter. I like how the song starts off with a faster tempo then slows down after the opening sequence. The tempo does change around throughout the duration of the song. Just as the tempo changes around the strength of the song also changes along with the tempo. I favour the song more when the strength of the vocals and the instruments were playing their hardest then when they slowed and quieted down.

My favourite song off the album would have to be “Revival”. I like how the song stays strong throughout most of the song and doesn’t seem to jump around as much as the other songs did.