Silvercade has released their debut album that is full of Rock, Metal and Grunge. They are a four member group that hails from Oshawa. They have earned their place on stage in a few of the Top Indie band bars around Ontario including the, Lee’s Palace, Horseshow Tavern, The Red Rooster in Burlington, and the Reverb. I haven’t seen them in Kingston yet so something should be done about this.

Silvercade is the new name for the band. For people who haven’t already heard of the name change, the band used to be called Million Year Massacre.

It only took me one listen through the album to get me hooked onto the album. “Burn It Down” opens up the album and immediately grabs you and makes you listen to the track. Both the vocals and guitars carry this song all the way through. The vocals because of the way Ryan speeds up the vocals in spots. Not forgetting to mention the lyrics “make this f*cker burn” and “Lets burn this Mother F*cker down” there is more to the lyrics but that is what I catch the most when I hear the song. If I had to choose which I liked the most between the guitars and the vocals, I would say it is the guitars. To me they seem to be the right heaviness to carry out the lyrics, they also help step and down key the vocals in a couple parts of the song.

“Better View” was an instant click when I heard this song for the first time. This song picks up right were “Burn It Down” left off. For a first single off of the album this would be the song that I would pick. The fast picking of the guitar strings is what caught me right away. It is not too often that the vocals are lower sounding than the guitars. The guitars are nicely polished off in this song; it was nice to hear the polished sound because of riff. It is a simple yet good sounding easy to get hooked on riff. I was surprised to hear the song tone and slow it done for a bit halfway through the song. I figured it would have stayed at the same speed all the way through. But it is always good to hear bands mix it up in their songs.

In “Six Shooter” there are a couple of guitar solos that are worth a mention. They fill the void left between the verses nicely in the song. In a way they are shadowed behind the bass of the song. The solos can somewhat be used as an argument for the song because; by using the heavy bass they keep within the boundaries with rest of the album, and the guitar solo is played in a higher key. But then if you would turn down the bass because of the solos you might loose the Silvercade sound. It is hard to say if it would have been better if the bass was turned down a bit for the solos or for the entire track, but then keeping with the same bass level as the rest of the album, I feel the way the song was recorded on the album the solo’s still work with the song.

“Drifting Down” now this track if anything you should think of Pearl Jam the second you hear this track.

This album is one of the best all round albums that I have heard in awhile. Meaning pretty much all of the tracks are great to listen to. There isn’t one or two songs off the album, each song is as good as the last.