Sinister Twin – Black Palace


Kingston’s Sinister Twins have released their brand new ep titled Black Palace. The Hip Hop duo Indie and Justin Andre have created an interesting sound and storyline behind their three song release.

Laying down closer to a slow jam type of hip hop but having quite a alternative cutting edge at times. Each song goes into a different approach and leaves a different impression on the Ep. The beats and sounds on the tracks are heavily induced with the sounds of keys/synth throughout. The mix of rap and Justin’s hip hop/soul vocal stylings has a combination of force to be driven. They are not out fighting with each other and simply trying to over shadow each other so this creates the working force of the rap and hip hop duo. The overall sound characteristic of the Ep is an interesting one, as they are bordering around an experimental sound, especially when they hit us with their last song titled “The Prequel”.  The alternative edge of Sinister Twins is turned up during this track as they hit you with a ripping electric guitar intro, the vocals have a more angry ripping style to follow suit with the instrumental attitude of the track.

The digital Copy of the album can be picked up on their bandcamp site