Slow Down Molassses – Burnt Black Cars

Slow Down Molasses
Burnt Black Cars

The album starts off with a melancholy phase with the instrumental track “Sovereigns”. The track does its job by gently leading and leaning you towards the rest of the album. Think of a 70’s acid flush with a Beatlesesque touch.

I found as I listened to the album, I would honestly make the guess that this was a British Import album. The distorted guitar and vocals also sound straight from an earlier decade as well. It would be interesting to see their onstage setup with their amps. I am still going to guess that by the sounds of the vocals that they could be possible running their mics through an amp as well.

The instrumentals in this album are great to listen to throughout. I really enjoyed the lengthy breaks away from the vocals. Slow Down Molasses really let their guitars do the work in the album.

The first song that made me start to tap my toes during my first run through the album was “Summer Sun”. You have to wait about five or so seconds after the initial intro guitar riff for the song to hit its catchy hook. I found the drums really helped progress the hook along. The echoing vocals move right along with the guitars in the track. The timing and sound between the lead and backing guitars is really the biggest catch for me in the song. The timing of the cymbals nearing the end of the song fits in quite nicely as well, but does take your ears away from the vocals a bit. Due to the vocals being so close to the same range and sound of the guitars I found the cymbals rode out on top of everything else.

Now if you are a fan on Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds then you will definitely enjoy the rhythm in “Stay Still”. I found myself glued right to the riff throughout the song, since it is a little difficult at time to gather what the lyrics are in the song. I think it has to due with the tone and the drawn out approach to the lyrics. If I had to choose a lead single from Burnt Black Cars I would put my money on this track. I also found the more I listened to the song the more the beat of the song also grew on me. The backing noise to the track I could almost due without but it would take away from Slow Down Molasses overall sound. The backing sounds also address the psychedelic feel of the song. Around the three minute mark in the song they take the song on a completely different journey and sound but luckily it is only for a few moments as they bring the song right back to where it was before the break. The progressively stronger ending to the song was a different sounding touch as well, the louder guitars really buried the vocals towards the end.


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