Sludgehammer The Fallen Sun


The Fallen Sun

Ferocity within the Vocals and guitars drives The Fallen Sun album from Sludgehammer. There is no possible way that you can look and turn your ears away from the duelling vocals throughout this album. Another key factor within the vocals and guitars beyond the ferocity which makes this album hammer it out is the timing and rhythmic attributes between the two. Tracks that you need to check out for this concept is “Intestines Entwined” and definitely “Carrion Eater”.

If there is any track that needs to speak for an album or band Sludgehammer has found their calling song with “Carrion Eater”. For the past two weeks that I have been listening to this album I immediately turn the album over to track five first thing in the morning on my way into work. If you need a song to get your blood boiling enough to enter the work site in the morning this song does it. This track has even replaced “ Leper Messiah” for me as I write this.

The Intro right away should draw your ears into the track. The intro is almost a two part segment with the mood of the riff getting heavier into the second part. Now right after the heavier riff just give the song a second to get over the first verse then hold the fuck on as the song takes off. I just can explain in writing how both types of vocals work so well together so just take my word as they work beautifully together. Even if you leave the vocals alone the guitar work throughout the song is enough to stand the test of time and create a lead off single in my eyes for the album.

Right after “Carrion Eater” finishes off the guys hit you again right away without sparing you a moment with another wicked intro with “Consuming Afterbirth”. Again the tenure mix of the growls and alternative vocals and guitars sounds perfect together. Just after the four minute mark and all the way to the end of the track has to sound wicked, and to see all fists pumping to the heavy beat would be wicked to see.

Since I got distracted by talking up “Carrion Eater”, I forgot to mention a couple the first notable track from The Fallen Sun “Intestines Entwined”. For me it’s the timing between the drums, guitars and vocals.

Lastly I can’t forget to mention to the fact that you need to the read the titles of the songs as well.