Something Mechanical Less Than Human

Something Mechanical
Less Than Human

Less Than Human by Something Mechanical branches from a Hard Rock and Rock/Alternative album. The Hard Rock comes from the heavy riffs that appear throughout the album. The heavy riffs are present but I don’t believe they are what drives the album totally, I found it was more of a mix of the overall rhythm and vocals in each track. The Vocals are also displaced along the Hard Rock and Rock/Alternative side depending on the song.

“Gunn” is definitely the standout single from the album. It’s a good thing that they placed this song first on the album, because it definitely made me look forward to what was going to come in the rest of the 5 song ep. The main lick to the song is what makes this song work as well as it does. The way the guitar flows between chords makes this song stand out the way it does. I would have liked to hear more attitude from the vocals however in the song. I just found that in a few parts if there was more forcefulness and attitude from the vocals it would really push out overtop of the vocals instead of getting drowned in a down tempo or flatness of a sound. So pretty much what I would have done was take the sound of the vocals during the last bit of lyrics and used that throughout the song and even used a higher pitched / raspier approach to the harmonic part of the vocals when they hit. But I wouldn’t change the deepness of the vocals in the intro and the first verse of the song.

“Less Than Human” is what first arose my ears to lean into my 90’s Alternative and grunge idea with the album. It was pretty much solidified when Colin hit the Stone Temple Pilots line. Have a listen to yourself and let me know if you get the same sound from the vocals especially during a certain lyrical line.

By the time you hit the third song you will realize that these guys take a large portion of their sound from a mix of 90’s alternative and Grunge. The down tempo sound is what really gave this idea of their sound.

“Needful Things” turns down the tempo which has built up thus far. The deeper sound also gives the track a different sound as well. I almost want to say that they have a gothic sense to the song but it just isn’t quite there. The deep tone is there but the attitude just doesn’t appear to give the track a full on Gothic sound. The vocals help push the Gothic line as well but I feel as if they push more of a down played grunge sound instead. “In Shadows” follows along the same lines as “Needful Things”as well. But there is more going on sound wise in “In Shadows”. The bridge work in the song definitely breaks the song up and gives “In Shadows” a different sound.