Soulstack Five Finger Discount


Five Finger Discount

Right away Souldstack is not shy about sharing their thick and deep grooves as they open up the album with the song “Long Way Down”. After about twenty seconds of setting up the groove of the song the sounds of the snare drum kick in and the song is off and running. The extra lead guitar work that plays out in the back ground really gives the song a beautiful full fledging sound. The vocals from Jonathan definitely stand out beyond the guitar aura of the song, with just the right amount of raspyness added to his vocals in just the right parts makes this song stand out right away. If you are like me it is going to be quite difficult for your ears to tear away from the guitar work in the song.

Up next is a solid Rock solid/blues number. If you are looking for something that sounds as if it is straight out of the seventies but with a modern flavour added then you don’t need to look any further than “Not The Only One”. when you get past the opening lick which might take a couple of tries as I replayed the first ten seconds over and over again at least six times before I let the song progress any further, I can guarantee that when they hit you with the chorus and everyone joins in on the vocals it is going to stop you in your place. There are powerful stances in songs and Soulstack nailed it to a “T”. Then if that wasn’t already enough Soulstack tops it all off as they hit you with a wicked and classic sounding organ solo that plays over top of the grooving guitars.

Now to funk things up on the album Soulstack placed “Hangin’ In The Kitchen” just past the half way point in the album. The song starts off with a small jam sounding intro, which fully adds the funk sound to the song. This funky jazz/blues infused intro lasts for about a minute before they kick the song into gear, but to keep the song interesting they break up the song throughout each verse. The organ once again nails a nice sounding intro, but it almost out done instantly as a guitar solo reigns out right after. The vocal spread is a nice touch to the song as well as they go along with the instrumental aspect of the song and chose not to go with the smoother sounding rock vocals that have appeared before.

To finish off the album “This May Be The Last Time” gives you a side dish of a taste of Soulstack just in case just like me you haven’t had the chance to check them out live yet.

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