Sovereign Council Laniakea

Sovereign Council

Kingston’s own Prog, Symphonic Metal Band Sovereign Council have released another stellar listen with their brand new album titled Laniakea.

Laniakea is definitely one of those albums that you have to listen to a few times to take in the full effect of the album. I found with every listen to the album I was discovering something else embedded into each track. I wouldn’t want to know the layers and time it took to put this album together, especially with the fact that they had help from Timo Somers and Marina Andrade.

The album puts up fourteen impressive tracks with the impressions coming in from many different angles, being the vocals Lead and Backing, Guitars, keys and drums. The timing is also well spent throughout the album.

Laniakea starts off with the track “Rise”. Right away Sovereign Council shows off what they have to ofer throughout the album, with catchy guitar riffs and Solos, “harmonizing” vocals, and also their symphonic collision of sound. I found it quite mysterious how well the violin fits/blends in with each track.

Up next is the title track “Laniakea”. With the heaviness and sound of the guitars I think Alex should have upped the standard in his vocals and gave a raspier approach to his vocals, especially with the scathing backing vocals that hit throughout the track. Again that blend of symphonic touch to the song brings the song right into a different light. The guitar work just before the three minute mark is something that you shouldn’t skip out on listening to.

“Nona” is one track that stands out from the album, The keys during the intro caught me by surprise during my first pass through the album. Alex’s vocals have a heavy set lean onto the keys as he lays out his layering before the rest of the band kicks in. Lisa’s vocals definitely put the shine onto the track. As you listen to the track you will probably find that the keys almost have an eerie ring to them as the song progresses.