Sovereign Council New Reign


 Sovereign Council New Reign

New Reign by Sovereign Council is a Symphonic Metal album that has some of the best compositions for a local release that I have heard yet. The musical talent, arrangements, writing that that have embedded into every track is a true testament to creative writing countless hours of dedication and hard work can provide.

The album starts off with a song titled “Down The Rabbit Hole”, with an eerie high pitched tingling sound byte intro the Chris quickly kicks up the sound with a wicked guitar solo/riff with a well timed back beat on the drums provided by Arkadius, then to thicken up the song that much more Patrick kicks in with his guitar. The backing track sound is a nice touch throughout the song and does not go unnoticed. The deep metal/gothic sounding vocals from Alexander provides the perfect sound to finish creating the sound and mood of the song. The extra kick of harsh vocals throughout the song is a nice touch as well; they don’t overpower any of the other vocals or instruments and only appear where it counts. The keys from Jessica helps fill in a few spots in the song where the drums and guitars leave off a little.

By the time I hit the second song titled “Sweet Poison” I began to realize that this is more than a simple goth/metal alternative album. The production and the mixing that I have already heard has been outstanding, I couldn’t even imagine the time, patience and takes it took to record a solid sounding album such as New Reign.  The orchestrated timing between everyone in the intro is crucial in the success of the intro and in my mind the entire song. The Seamless sounding intro between the keys, guitars and drums shows early on what Sovereign Council is capable of.  The smooth texture of Alexander’s vocals are in my mind the right tone for their sound, because I am pretty sure I would be turned off or just skipped the album entirely if the vocals were a scream or Death Metal sounding. Just around the four minute mark the song takes a dramatic turn as the tempo slows right down as Jessica plays a quick key solo which leads us into the stunning vocals of Lisa. After a quick duet between Alexander and Lisa the tempo of the song kicks back up and Alexander takes over the lead vocals once again to finish the song off.

Other notable tracks on the album are “New Reign”, “Sirens Song” mainly for Lisa’s vocals, “Moonlight”.

You can pick up your copy of New Reign by visiting or by going to their show August 2nd at Time To Laugh.