Starewell – Broke And Out of Money

Starewell – Broke And Out of Money

Broke and Out of Money from Starewell, is one of the most complete guitar stunning albums I have heard in a long time. It only took me one song from Starewell to get me hooked to the band and fall in love with the album. There are not too many albums that I have listened to where all the songs have the ability to captivate your attention as Broke And Out Of Money has. Any guitar player around will probably be impressed with the catchy and addictive guitar licks.

The members of Starewell like any band have been different through the years now the band consists of three members who are Brett Sims on Lead Guitar and Vocals, Wade Simms on Drums and Chris Rozell on Bass Guitar.

Broke and Out of Money starts off strong with the song “Down On Me”. When I first got the album in the mail I couldn’t wait to listen to the song “28” but when I didn’t change the song over quick enough this song just took my attention right off on changing the song over. The song starts off with a slow quiet distorted form guitar intro which leads right into the classic yell of “Oh Yeah” then the song takes right off. “Down On Me” has way too many awesome characteristics that make this song a hit for me. The main rhythm of the song is one of my favourite parts of the song. The vocals throughout the song only helps to take the song to the next level, what I like about the vocals the most is the fact that they sound real they don’t sound like they have been tweaked an incredible amount unlike most bands do. In around halfway through the song there is an awesome guitar solo that carries on for a about twenty seconds, I like the fact that the guitar starts off as a solo and then it blends in with the drums and the bass guitar very nicely. To finish out the song the title is repeated a few times and it is done is such a way that I can already picture them playing the song live and the crowd chanting along with the song.

The Title song “Broke and Out of Money” is up right after “Down On Me”. Before I even get into this song and you begin to read this hop on over to their myspace page listen to this song and then play the live acoustic cut of this song as well. When I heard the acoustic version along with the album version all I could say to myself is HOLY SH*t this band is the total package. I am still playing the living hell out of both songs. There isn’t one day after work where I didn’t hop into my truck turned my speakers full blast and listened to this song a couple of times driving home. The title of the song pretty much sums up most people lives alone and then to hear the music to go with the song is just incredible. The bass guitar in this song also plays a large roll in the entire songs, it sounds like it was turned up a few decibels in the recording stage and it sound amazing. This is one song where everything seems to be competing against each other, this is a song where it is either the vocals, the guitars, and the drums that keep pulling out all the stops just to stand out from the rest and the end result is everything works together so F’N awesome. This is the song that bands would play to finish out there live set just to leave the crowd ready to kill just to hear more.

“28” is the song that originally brought my attention to Starewell. I was working at a house listening to the Galaxy channel and this song came on and I immediately ran to the remote to see who it was and turned it up. The opening riff to the song is a somewhat simple sounding riff and it is a really catchy riff none the less. For the most part the song is played at a slower tempo then the first two songs on the album, in around halfway through “28” the song picks it up large and finishes out strong. Another positive to me is the fact that you can follow the lyrics with relative ease. The background vocals work really well in “28” as well; they fill the void that is left between a few lines in the song.

You can pick up your copy of Broke and Out of Money by following the links on their myspace page; and while you are there please watch the video, just because of the video I want to hear a Acoustic album cut from the guys.