Steady Legend

coverThe album is quite the mix of sounds that are blusterous throughout each track. Imagine a mix of No Doubt, a high end mix of third wave Ska from the 80’s, Pop and a bit of Jazz thrown in and that is the sound that I can best describe this Self Titled album from Steady Legend.

The vocals from Deb are one of the main driving forces for the Steady Legend sound throughout the album. She really brings home the Pop, Blues and Rock sound in the songs.

One of my favourite songs off of the album is the third song “Mirrors”. I think it is the jam element to the song that grabs me the most, but it is real hard to look away from Deb’s vocals in the song. “Mirrors” has a few of the same pop, ska, reggae elements that you can find in many of the songs on the album, but I found this one has a bit more of a rock attitude to the sound.

Now I’m pretty sure there isn’t going to be a chance that you can slide over “No Troubles” after hearing the catchy guitar lick, I know it sucked me right into the song. The brass in the song hits at just the right moments in the song. The mixing in the song is nicely done as well, between the brass and the guitars it would quite easy for the pair to bury Debs vocals but Debs vocals still come out on top between the three. I also enjoyed the softer tone that she uses during the song as well. She doesn’t sing at the same tone throughout the song it’s when she sings in the milder tone is my favourite. Now for a bit of 80’s flavour you have to skip over to the three minute mark in the song.

“Marble Swing” definitely adds a bit of swing to the album. During this time they really mix up their sound as Steady Legend mixes Ska and Swing. For a first single off of the release I think I would choose this one. Finding radio play for the song will probably be quite difficult, I would leave it to the internet to help push this song out there. The instrumental breaks in the song are a genuine nice listen.

Now here a new spin on a old saying as Steady Legend leave the track titled “The Best For Last”. The lyrics are also geared for the title of the song as well. Talk about a song to finish off your set each night. I cannot pass on posting these lyrics either “save the best for last, we can make it if we try”.

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