Sticky Henderson Life On The Sideboard


Local Kingston Musician Sticky Henderson has released her solo project titled Life On The Sideboard. After a few years working with a series of different bands Sticky has broken the mold and has created and packaged 5 pop/rock songs.  If you have ever listened to any of the music from bands that Sticky has been involved in then you surely will be able to catch the direct influence that has been written into these songs.

Sticky has skillfully and divinely recorded Life On The Sideboard without the use of a electric guitar. With the use of different Effect Pedals and her Bass guitar she quickly proves a point in which you don’t need to have an electric guitar. As well as playing Bass she plays all of the other instruments and the programming on the album. The backing vocals and the second half of the harmonies are performed by Amanda Gould.

My favourite song off the album is “Take A Right”. When I listened to the album for the first time and this song began I instantly thought of Bellevue especially in the keys. The soothing pop vocals and the keys from Sticky are a nicely tight fit match with each other. The composition balance of the song is quite unique for me as the Bass and keys are playing at different levels and a tempo which helps create a different sounding layer the song and most importantly to me doesn’t give the song a overworked and over filtered sound.

Following “Take A Right” is the third song titled “Clime” with a upbeat bass sound. Sticky instantly lays out the rhythm with her bass, which creates a distinct string sliding sound, and the beginning of the song it stands out but then funniest thing for me with this sound is the fact that later on in the song it somehow becomes attached to the beat of the song around the fifty second mark, and then from that moment on I don’t seem to pay attention to the noise at all. Almost being blanketed from the other instruments the keys are being played modestly throughout the song.


  1. Any Old Story
  2. Take A Right
  3. Clime
  4. In The Basket
  5. Jam Jar

The album release party for Life On The Sideboard is on September 28th at the Mansion.

Or you can pick up your copy here