Stone Iris Illuminations

Stone Iris


The new Ep from Stone Iris Illuminations fuses the sounds of Rock, Reggae and blues throughout the five songs with smooth slick sounding vocals followed with deep bass grooves and packaged around a few guitar hooks and leads.

Starting off the album is one of my more favoured songs off the album titled “Hide and Seek
“. There are quite a few factors why this song makes it as an essential listen; the lyrics come in as the number one reason for me. I would like to post what I like the most about the lyrics but something tells me some people may not find the humour in the lyrics as I do. The song also has a catchy reggae guitar hook at the starting which should immediately catch the attention of your ears.  The vocal representation of the song has an excellent mix of reggae and smooth pop/rock sounding vocals. The way two vocal genres mix together sounds great, the reggae style plays out at just the right times especially at the beginning of the song. Nearing the end of the song the addition of the backing vocals really helps fill in the song a little bit more.

Having seven members in your band also doesn’t hurt on the creative end of things as well. Having this many members really lets the guys creatively explore with many different sounds and rhythms which is quite noticeable on a couple of tracks. Hopefully their next album will be a full length and not an EP as the five songs leaves you wanting more when the album all of a sudden comes to an end.

With a title such as “Palm Bay Blues” you can pretty much already know what to expect. This song gives Illuminations a bit of a different twist. The driving force and the backbone to the song definitely belong to the Bass guitar on this one. Just as the first song it is the opening bass hook which will catch you by surprise on your first listen to the song and will keep bringing you back to the song again and again. I tend to find myself tuning out a bit of the other instruments in the song just to focus a little bit more on the bass grooves in the song. Another main focus of “Palm City Blues” comes from the vocals, it is because of the descriptive vocals that for me is one of few songs that I find helps create a visual effect in the mind as the song progresses. The smooth sound from the vocals and for some reason I find that the sounds from the lead guitar helps with this effect.

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