Striker Stand In The Fire


Brewing The 80’s Thrash Metal with legions of Metal Influences and Rock Influences Stand In The Fire by Striker is an album you have to check out. The guitar work throughout the album is a thing of beauty all on its own. Stand In The Fire is filled and loaded with Solos and wicked sounding guitar riffs. Now you add in the vocals and you have a solid double package, if you are a fan of the 80’s metal scene then you are going to fall right into this album.

“Out For Blood” is a track which fully embodies the various influences which Striker delivers throughout the album. I honestly had to take a second listen and ask myself is this truly what I am listening to as the Saxophone kicked in. Now you may think that this would stick out like a sore thumb. That is not the case at all, the Saxophone fits in perfectly with the guitar in the song. Another addition have to make to this Saxophone involvement is the aspect of the volume of the mix. The way its blended in really helps push the saxophone over that much more in the song rather than having the saxophone as the prime sound and overtaking the drums and guitars.

For my favourite track off of the album without a doubt I have to go with “Too Late”. The Eighties Metal sound and tone reigns out throughout this track. The Intro is what first brought me to this song, it’s also sweet that the intro is an extended one as well comparing to others. It’s okay replay the intro again a couple of times it’s worth it. Even after I listen to this song now after the amount of times that I have listened to the track I still envision clouded 80’s music videos. The lead and backing vocals in the song are pulled off tactfully. The polished sound within the vocals shines and nails the song.

If you are looking for a solid album then you definitely have to pick up this album. Striker were able to pound out eleven tracks on Stand In the Fire. Watching Stand In The Fire live I bet would be a sweet experience especially when it comes to the guitar work on the album. I can really see the potential of expanded live work with each solo on the album. | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

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