Suns Of Static – Begin Again

Suns Of Static – Begin Again

Heavy Riffs Mixed With Head Pounding Drums Charges Suns Of Static Debut Album Begin Again.

I first watched Suns Of Static at their debut show while opening up for Thornley. During that show it only took the guys two songs before bringing everybody to the front of the stage. Their live show is not to be missed as the energy level always raises as soon as they take to the stage.  This album can be compared to their live show. As the album progresses the Riffs and Hooks only get better and better. I was a little surprised  by how the vocals didn’t bring the energy level to the album as they do live however. The mixture of genres on the album is on of my favourite elements of the album as there are Heavy Rock, Rock and Alternative tracks on the album. To finish off the album Suns Of Static decided to go with an acoustic track called “Virginia”.

The members of Suns Of Static are Ryan Lewis on Vocals, Bill Cassidy on Lead Guitar, Geoff Jarvis on Bass Guitar, and Adam Corriea on Drums.

After a brief intro in “Alien Sunbeam” Suns Of Static Right away begins to hammer your ears with one of their heavy riffs. The riff also becomes the main lick throughout the song, with the addition to the main riff/lick there are a couple of wicked guitar solos thrown in for good measure. With the help of a couple of pedals, the riff is manipulated a few times during the break between verses. I thought the vocals could have been a little heavier to go along with the strength of the guitars. The intro sound also makes another appearance quietly playing in the background of the song which does help to fill a small void in the song.  Along with the riffs, my other favourite aspect of the song is the polished sound.

Jumping a few songs down the track list there is my favourite song off the album titled “Rest Assured”.  Once again Suns Of Static seems to have a formula for ear catching hooks.  The hook does not contain a metal edge but rather more of a Rock edge. The vocals really take the stride and the edge over the guitars in the song especially during the chorus. Ryan’s performance of the chorus throughout the song is a definite highlight of the album for me. The chorus is what  brought me into the album after I listened to the album for the first time. For their first single this would be the song which I would choose to go with. It shows their heavy edge but not too heavy for radio stations to avoid. The combination of the guitars and drums work perfectly together especially during the break between verses, there are also a couple quick pick harmonics thrown in.

“Killing Floors” is the last of the heavy songs which you will find on the album. The Drums take control of this song at the start as Ryan slowly fades in with the vocals.  It doesn’t take long for Bill to come in with a riff which takes my ears right off the drums and into his heavy riff. Many times during the song I take my attention right off of the vocals and just listen to the guitars. There is a mighty strong hint of a Metallica influence in this song especially when it comes down to the drums. The Bass adds that extra little bit to the heavy sound of the track. There is no way that the combination of the Bass and Guitar could be beat in this track.