Suns Of Static Fall

Suns Of Static
Giving your ears once more of an updated 90’s alternative sound Suns Of Static also have brought along a mix of Rock and Classic Rock along with them. With BiL Cassidy’s repertoire of Classic Rock influences including Van Halen definitely makes an influence and noticeable sound throughout the album especially in the final track “Rest Assured”. The vocals are really well performed and put together in every track. The extra work and the tones which went into the vocal performances paid off quite well. The Backing vocals throughout every track either help to add an additional layer on the track or really help fill in the song. Eye/ Ear for detail within the backing vocals and vocals as a whole package is a definite highlight of the album for me.

Going beyond the vocals another element which makes this song work so well is the timing throughout Fall. Especially when it comes to the tempo changes and bridges in each track. Suns Of Static sets up each tempo change for a reason and the sudden change from slow/quiet to fast/loud has a reason and doesn’t standout as an after thought or a chopped/slotted slice.

There are a few singles that are a possibility to be released from Fall. In my opinion in no particular order I would go with Blow The Whistle, Mountain Man and Little Black Dog.
Mountain Man was the first track to be released from Fall which was brought out with a Video release.

What makes “Blow The Whistle” stand out to me is the vocals and the aggressive aggression between the guitars and vocals. They both help push each other along throughout the song, I found the aggression really hit in between each verse and even the small vocal break between a few certain lines of lyrics. The chorus is another hard hitting element in the song that stands out as well. I like how they push the song title in the song. Live I could see the guitar solo that hits just after the two minute mark being stretched out a little bit longer. The rhythm which the drums progress through the song in couple of marks really helps the flow of the song as well.

Now with “Little Black Dog” what I found was when you are finished listening to the track I was left with the song little embedded into your head. The aggressive and heavy alternative vocals really standout in the song as well, looking beyond the title of the track. The bass guitar gives a great beating beat in the track which I found really helps to pick up the drums (without the cymbal crashing). Not so much with a rhythmic tenure on the song but the bass is noticeable picking up back beat in the song.