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Suns Of Static are back with a new lineup and one hell of a Album. Bill has been hard at work writing and aligning the new lineup for the release of Suns Of Static’s new album titled Rise. Right away this album blew me away and made the anticipation for the album release party this weekend even greater. If you are a fan or Rock, Hard Rock and Alternative then this is the album for you.

It must have been quite the process for Bill to recreate a lineup that he wanted to reform Suns Of Static and to be able to put together this hard hitting album like he has.

Right away with the song “Hideaway” they quickly show you what they have to offer. It does take a couple of seconds for the song to hit its full force as the song is flipped around and has an ending jam begin the track but it acts as a purpose as it leads your right down the narrow path before they begin to assault your ear drums.  Right away once Brandon Taylor started singing the first line in “Hideaway” I was immediately caught off guard, I was not expecting to hear such an alternative and powerful voice as I was listening to. The main influences are quite easy to pick but there also might be a few obscure influential bands as well but either way there is no question that Alice In Chains is on the top of the list with Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots and basically any other heavy 90’s alternative band. Suns Of Static sound definitely follows close to their influences but they also have a more up to date sound as well. The way that they have recorded the vocals within the chorus and a couple of verses really puts out a great solid sounding effect. The Bass Guitar played by Darrin McMillan is quite noticeable in areas and give the song that nice deep backline which helps push out the vocals that much more.  For a leadoff single this would be the song personally that I would go with.

The second Bill hits your ears with the opening riff in “Migrate” I can guarantee if you were not already a fan of the album than this opening riff and song will do the trick. Bill commands the tempo and strength throughout the song, and continually sets up Brandon. For me it it’s still kind of difficult to turn my ears away from the guitars throughout the song, multiple times I have found myself tuning everything out and just honing in on the guitars. Just after the two and a half minute mark Brandon does manage to break my focus from the guitars as he has a wicked sounding vocal solo which leads into a uprising of the tempo which lasts until the end of the song.

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