The Sweet, Sweet sounds of Southern 70 Rock N Roll has been tightly rolled and packed down in Super Stack Self Titled debut Album.

Just when you thought real Rock n Roll was dead and that you would never hear the sounds of 70’s Rock again, Super Stack has come to save your soul with their rhythmically soulful guitar licks, Jam Band styling, a hint of Jam Funk and just flat out great Rock music. Not only do they play Rock music but they also dress the part as well.

Ever since I received their album it has travelled with me no matter where I was going. Whether it was just for a five minute drive I made sure this cd made it from my home cd player to my car. It is not too often that you can enjoy, respect every song off of an album but this album is a definite exception. To me all twelve songs are worth listening to again and again. There are also a couple of local bands that immediately came to my mind when I listen to the album; Bullmoose always pops into my mind.

What I was surprised about Super Stack is that the band is only made up of three members; Scott Donnelly on Lead Guitar and Vocals, Brian Lahaie on Drums and Greg Mihajic on Vocals and Bass Guitar.

“Here I Am” kicks off this incredible album. Right from the start they lay down the heavy sounds of the 70’s. This song is pretty much explaining what they are here for and they say it with their music and their lyrics “Here I Am I’m Ready To Groove”. Throughout the song they put play in all of their music stylings into the song with their mini song jams, Rock N Roll, catchy guitar licks. I also like how well the timing is done in the song especially the drums and guitars.

“Kick It On Down” is the second song on the album. To open up the song there is a catchy little bass riff, which leads into the guitar covering over top using the same riff. This album I would say was made for people to sing along to especially this song in particular. This is nothing less then a perfect highway driving song. About a minute and a half into the song, the Scott lets his guitar do the singing for him when he does a twenty second or so solo.

Near halfway through the album there is a song called “Red Light”. This song is another upbeat song that keeps you wanting more and luckily there are still seven more songs to go on the album. Like in all there other songs there is nothing that I could even think of to change in this song. This song is the song that you have to see the Super Stack play in concert. This song has everything that you could want mixed in with a song. There is a catchy guitar riff, down tempo Pink Floyd style guitar solo with the bass guitar keeping a beat, Easy to follow and sing along with lyrics. This song I could probably listen to without any lyrics because of the guitar solo in the song.

“Fingers and Thumbs” is a down tempo song compared to their other songs up to this point in the album. Not that this is a bad thing at all. This song is pretty much the song that you would listen to when you just smoked one and you are leaning back on your couch and mellowing out.

To finish off the album which added to the mix of music on the album is “Sold For A Song”. This song was a little interesting to me because this song convinced me when they say they are a mix of Skynyrd to James Gang. When I read James Gang in their Bio I thought I would put on the one Vinyl that I had of them and have a listen, and they are not lying when they say this. When I listened to the one James Gang Vinyl (Thirds) that I had, “Walk Away” stood out to me as one of the songs that can I could relate to Super Stack the most. Out of the Bass Guitar, the Drums and The Lead Guitar, it is the lead guitar that I can hear the most being related.

All together this album is top notched. I dare anyone who listens to Rock music to try to tell me that they didn’t love this album right away.