T3RR3STRIAL Centennial Light


Centennial Light

Finally the songs that I have been watching and hearing T3RR3STRIAL play live for the past few months have finally been recorded and released on their brand new album titled Centennial Light.

The length of the album is quite impressive with ten songs playing out at just over fifty minutes. I was surprised to see a couple of their songs lasting under the three minute mark, as their live versions of their songs can last a bit longer than they appear on the album.

Starting off the album is the song “Matador”, this song was the perfect choice to start the album off with. The song starts off with a slow string picking arrangement followed nicely with an eerie sound effect being played out by Matt’s keyboard it’s the perfect tone to the quiet before the shit storm. The intro is a tad long lasting over a minute in length. When the song finally got going the first thing I noticed right away is the audibility of the vocals and to the fact that I can actually understand the lyrics, as their live performances can be quite foggy. Another reason why I seem to enjoy “Matador” is the fact that the song changes its sound  and tempo quite frequently, there is a heavy amount of different riffs and solos that all seem to fit in together nicely with the rhythm of the song. Then just after the four minute mark the song really breaks out into something completely different. The way they ended the song was a nice final touch to the song as well. So really this song can be used to start or end a live set or the album.

As In the case with many of their songs they debuted “Sharks In Our Swimming Pools” live, but this was one of their first songs that made me look at the band in a different way than I was. The guitar riffs speak for themselves in the song, the overall rhythm of the song really sets this song apart from the other songs on the album. Also this song really displays their devotion for 90’s alternative. The guys used to play a cover of the Terminator theme song and I’m pretty sure this had a large impact on the intro to the song. The guitar work in the song really stands out, the timing between Curt and Johnny Frank go hand in hand throughout the song. The vocals do get a little rougher later on when the song is going full tilt.

“Half A Mind” is probably my favourite song off of the album. The song has that quiet and slow start which sets up the darkened mood for the song. Matt has a bit of break away from his normal toned vocals. The timing between the guitars and Andrew on drums is one of the main factors that pull this song together. The deepened riffs really give the song an extra alternative kick as well. Just as their songs can be unpredictable as you listen to them the first time “Half A Mind” is no different there is a slick sounding keyboard solo that hits at around the three minute mark, but fear not the small solo is quickly and heavily assaulted once Curt and Johnny kick back in. Even the ending to the song is not immune to what seems to be the common sporadic T3RR3STRIAL sounding theme.

To download your copy of Centennial Light visit http://t3rr3strial.bandcamp.com/