The Argues – Something New

The Argues
Something New

the-argues-something-new-album-artwork-500x500-300x300If you are looking for a wholesome Family Classic Rock album, then you definitely have to check out The Argues Something New. The sound of the album blends actually quite a few different sounds, and dare I say decades as well. With the instrument selection and style of play that you hear throughout the album really tells the tale and picks away at different times in music.

The opening track “Run Till You Drop” on Something new is my favourite song from the album. The upbeat sound and tempo should be enough to win you over as the song progresses, with this element and with the inclusion of the lead and backing vocals are what does it for me. The Combination of the Lead and Backing vocals are definitely a driving force in the track. Within the merger of the backing and lead vocals, it’s the combination of the tones and mix that really makes the vocals work so well and stand out the way they do. I also found that this track also helps define my pick off of having different generations embedded within each track, within the intro the keys really help add that 70’s sound to help push out the electric guitar lead. Now I know this is being quite a knick pick here but the simplicity and the noticeability of it is too much not to say anything, but the use of the wooden stick percussion to add as a filler and a extra adds just the right sound in certain spots in the song.

Up next is another 70’s track but with updated elements with a song titled “The Best is Yet To Be” the Lead and Backing vocals once again shine in the song and give the song a early and updated rock sound. The keys really give the song the 70’s kick, I really like how they float along in the song and go with the flow and don’t over saturate the song. In fact they take the need out for the sound of an electric guitar and let the acoustic guitar really break out in the track.

“Living Out Lives” gives Something New the full on pop exposure. Not the bubblegum top 40 style, but the classic Pop upbeat style. The keys are the strong element next to the vocals throughout the song. The slide guitar really adds that extra layer to the song, and acts more than just a filler in the track as well. The overall mix of the track with all of the layers in the song are nicely put together.

To pick up your copy of Something New you can visit the following link The Argues – Something New