The Blue Dolphins Walking In The Sun

Walking In The Sun from The Blue Dolphins is a A powdery vocal album with a coating of melodic Pop-Rock.

The title track “Walking In The Sun” has the honour of starting off the ep. The song is a walk away from any of the other tracks on the album as The Blue Dolphins give yours ears a swing of Surf Rock. The guitar riffs from Alfonso definitely walks away with the song in this one. The surf rock riffs that he plays throughout the song are infectious and should hook your ears right away as they did mine. The vocals are also interestingly performed on the track as well as Victoria follows along with the beat of the song in a few verses. This would be my choice for a first single off of the album.

“Stars” breaks down the album a bit compared to the previous tracks on the album. The song adds more of a easy going rock/ jazz segment to the song. They do bring up the mood in the song just before the first minute in the song passes. The acoustics in the song really ring out with Victoria’s vocals. The harmonizing lead and backing vocals add a nice sounding layer throughout the song.

1. Walking In The Sun
2. Afraid Of Moving On
3. Peace In The World
4. If I Could (Dreams)
5. Stars
6. Shelter Me