The Decoys In Our Blood


The Decoys
In Our Blood

I don’t think there is one song on this ten track album for which you will turn away from. They touch base on a few different sounds throughout the album but still stay close to a classic rock sound. But you also get the title track In Our Blood which is almost a cross between a country/bluegrass and rock sound.

For me it’s the vocals throughout the album that stand out the most, especially in the song “Wasting Your Time”, the seventies sound that portrays in his vocals complete this song for me. He creates the perfect vibe to go with the song and creates a path which you will easily follow along with the chorus.

Alongside the vocals the album is driven with the guitar and bass riffs. “Not Right Now” is an example of the riffs taking over the vocals, and driving your ears into the song. Even with the intro being almost a minute long before the vocals kick in, I found this aspect didn’t matter due to the power and sound of the riffs/intro.

I don’t see way how The Decoys could have placed the tracks on the album any better than the way they did. Right away they hit your ears with what is to become the start of countless guitar riffs. What works so well with the intro for me is the ease and simplicity of the riff, they don’t go tearing your ears right away but ease into it. Also the track seems to follow the same down flow sound as well in sparsely throughout. The backup vocals are a nice light sounding layer to the vocals as well, they are noticeable just enough to make a difference in the lead vocals. The guitar lead work just after the two minute mark fits beautifully in the track.

Following along the resurgence of 70’s rock with The Sheepdogs and Monster Truck, The Decoys have their own 70’s anthem to go with. This comes within this form with their track “Ain’t Gonna Let You Go”. I could see this song really going into a jam sequence when they play this track live and had the space/time in their set.

I have a couple of favourite tracks on In Our Blood but if push came to shove and I had to choose my number one favourite track I would go with “Wasting Your Time”. The song is definitely laid back compared to most of the tracks on the album, but I just can’t get away from the chorus in the song. There is no way that anyone can turn away from the performance of the chorus and not sing along. The combination of the electric lead and the acoustic are a perfect match throughout the track.

The title track definitely came second as a favourite single for me. If the harmonica doesn’t catch your ears in this track then I just don’t know what to say.