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The album kicks off with a song titled Celestial Ceiling. The lead and backing vocals is what struck me at first when I listened to the album for the first time. The lead vocals have such a wide variety of different tones and sounds and to me influential references. I picked up a few instances that pointed towards a Mick Jagger influence and even a David Bowie as well but a normal sounding David Bowie not all the drug induced characters or performances. The high pitched backing vocals add quite a bit of kick to the song. It’s something that you wouldn’t expect at first but to me they really show a Rolling Stones influences. Now the intro to the song struck me as odd at first. They hit the drums and guitars with a quick burst of sound but then the song goes completely silent almost quicker than the initial burst. To me it wasn’t the best choice to start an album off with, but it does work within the song later on. But again just not at the begininng of an album.

The next song which is the title track “Outsider” is a Jack White influenced vocal performance, which plays overtop of a Deep Purple 70’s rock/pop music influenced song. The keys throughout the song definitely drives the song after mid point in the song. The song does have a catchy intro which is quickly moved to the side by the Lead Vocals. Now the keys hit at the just right moment in the song, and don’t intrude on any of the guitar work at the start of the song. The guitar work pretty much leads you right into the keys. When the keys do hit they change the entire focus and energy of the song. At the start of the song you are felt charged up by the punk attitude of the song then as the song switches over to the driving power of the keys, the energy is still there but you are washed over with a 70’s feel.

“My Blues” is exactly that, here is a blues sounding offering from the band. If you wanted to hear a song where all of the band members influences shine then this is the song to check out. “Turn That Guitar Down”, is a line in a song that I didn’t think I would ever hear. Everyone in the band has a place to shine in the song. The Bass is definitely the backbone to the song especially when they are played in a chord stepping pattern. For me it’s really a tie between the keys and the bass on who out shines one another, this is kind of one of those dilemmas where the loudness of the audience decides the winner on this one. This would be a great song to see being played live, the jam capabilities of the song is pretty much left wide open, I could easily see the song being extended to the ten minute mark.

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