The Mama Rags Hectic Electric

The Mama RagsThe Mama Rags
Hectic Electric

Released just over a week ago The Mama Rags Hectic Electric gives us a reason why the Rock sound of the 70’s will never die. Now the album is not a complete walk back in time yet they rather freshen the sound with a blend of 70’s rock and today’s rock standard with a bit of alternative thrown in there for good measure.

With only having four songs on the Ep The Mama Rags still lead your ears right into a catchy hook at the start of every song. They also test the waters with a couple of different tempos as well. Also each song stands out as a song all on its own, they don’t follow a certain sound or mood throughout the Ep.

My favourite song off of the Ep is the second track titled “Borrowed Time”.When the intro bass groove hit me for the first time that’s all I needed. The best part about the riff is the fact that it becomes the “Go To” sound throughout the song. The vocals also nail it in the song as well, but either way I can’t get this riff, I can guarantee that it is going to get stuck in your head for a time after you finish listening “Borrowed Time”, I know it was stuck in my head for a while afterwards. I would be picking this song for the lead off single for sure. The break down that happens after the two minute mark is on another level all on its own. At the three minute mark with the new groove I had countless hits from years gone by instantly pop out when I heard the groove, not saying that it’s copied in any way more or less the power from the groove.

To finish off the Ep the title track “Hectic Electric” gets the job done. Just as in their previous songs the opening riff becomes the backbone to the song which is great because the riff sounds wicked. I really like how the bass is turned up and flows with the guitars in the first minute of the song. You have to check out the bridge work just before the three minute mark, which only leads to one beautiful combination with the sliding guitar and vocal sound at the 3:17. If anything you have to listen to this spot in the song, maybe I’m going a little overboard but man does it ever have me hooked to the point where I’m looking for it every time I listen to the song.