The Pack A.D Do Not Engage

The Pack A.D

Do Not Engage

The Pack A.D are back with a brand new album titled Do Not Engage. Just as their previous releases Becky jams the album full of kick ass catchy guitar Intro’s and riffs. During my first listen through Do Not Engage there were a few songs that made my eyes widen instantly when Becky and Maya hit me with their powerful catchy intros. Here is just a small punch list of the songs that I have to mention “Animal”, “Creepin’ Jenny” and “The Water”.

Now with The Pack A.D to me being the Queens of releasing music videos for each album it is no surprise that they have already had a jump on the album by releasing  a couple of videos with one being for “Big Shot”. The guitar intro for “Big Shot” is a bit different from what you might be used to hearing as Becky went with a simple sounding but high toned riff; it does its job by catching your ears as you are passing through the album. Quickly the song changes course as the guitars go back down to the “normal” medium tone which the Pack A.D are accustom to.  The back beat that Maya plays throughout the song sounds as if it is a toned down punk beat, but she does wail on the cymbals during different verses in the song. The extra hand claps that were overdubbed in are going to be an easy audience favourite as they play this song live.  Here is the link to the video

No matter how many times I listen to this album there is not a chance that I can have just one favourite song, so I have divided my choice between a couple of songs which include “Animal” and “The Water”. Both have amazing sounding guitar riffs and intros which should instantly draw you into the songs. The raw and smooth vocals in “Animal” during the chorus are a definite highlight for the song.  Just like most of their songs it’s their intro that takes the stranglehold right away. This is one song that Becky is not afraid to let the effects fly throughout the song. I am quite interested in seeing how they play this song live just for this fact. The eerie sounding backing vocals from Maya adds just that little bit extra to the song, even though it is almost completely hidden. It is going to be interesting to hear the difference between the live and recorded version of this song due to the extra effects that have been placed in to the song.

Instantly when they kicked off the song “The Water” I said holy shit this is a wicked song. The vocal effects to the song took me by surprise at first but quickly I got used to the effect. I’m pretty sure it may be hard to Maya and Becky to deny that they have British rock as a influence when it comes to writing their songs as the intro just screams the genre. One interesting effect that they added to the song that I didn’t even pick up on until I had my headphones on was the panning effect that is cleverly placed upon the song in a couple key parts of the song. The fade out to the song was a nice touch as well.

The finish off the eleven track album a deep cut song titled “Needles” does the job. If anything at all you should pay special attention to the lyrics in the song, and with Becky’s slow and quiet strumming it shouldn’t be a problem to clue into the lyrics after a couple of listens through the song.

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