The Penske File A Restless Symphony

The Penske File A Restless Symphony

A Restless Symphony, The Penske File’s debut full-length album, is a compilation of 13 catchy tunes. The album starts with a gang vocals part that really sets the mood for a fun album. Chorus O’ Time immediately stayed stuck in my head. It’s evident just by listening to the up beat hooks, that these three guys from Burlington, Ontario, really love what they’re doing.

The first music video from the album showcases The Valley, easily the catchiest song, and my favorite. The harmonica is incorporated very smoothly. It fits the song and doesn’t feel out of place.

As far as lyrics go, this album demonstrates a lot of real and relatable issues, shown in Black Leather Wallet and Wild Youth. There is also a lot of cool imagery and metaphors in Steve the Stone and This Is It, for example. These songs definitely demonstrate this band’s ability to tell stories through their songs.

One thing that was really nice about this album was how it flowed. If the songs were placed in a different order, they would have felt out of place.  It starts out strong with a few upbeat songs, gets a little more mellow when it reaches Steve The Stone, and then Interlude leads into the build up for the end of the album. The very last song, also the title track, A Restless Symphony, is a very satisfying end to the album. It ties back into the first song, making it not only some songs thrown together, but a well thought out album.

Overall, I really enjoyed this album. It’s fun and well thought out.


Review Written by Véronique Giguère