The Polymorphines – Transistor Sistor

The Polymorphines – Transistor Sistor

The Polymorphines Transistor Sistor is what Indie 70’s Garage Rock is all about.

What I like the most about The Polymorphines is the fact that they are all about the basics. What you hear is what you get  and it especially goes with their live shows. They do not use the now conventional method of using laptops or Ipods to add to their sound. As you listen to this album you are only listening to Guitars, Drums, and Harmonicas, there is no added extras with their music. Which I have been noticing that this way of musical life has been slowly disappearing. With the addition of their pride to create songs without any computerized help I am drawn into the vocals and lyrics quite consistently throughout the album.

Transistor Sistorconsists of 11 songs

1. Let Love Fly
2. Bring Your Love Back Home
3. Constant Reminder
4. Dirty Cop
5. Goodbye Kiss
6. Black Sky
7. Main Street Jimmy
8. Double Down
9. Call of The Sparrow
10. Try This On (For Size)
11. Wicked Woman

One of my favourite songs off the album is “Dirty Cop”. The songs starts off with a voice talking over a CB followed with a siren and without a catchy guitar hook but the harmonica comes in and replaces the need for a catchy guitar hook. Throughout the song the hammer really comes down to the harmonica to help carry out the rhythm through the break during a couple of the verses.  Now don’t get me wrong the rhythm throughout is really good but the song would lack without the harmonica. I remember watching this song live at The Mansion  and this was the song which broke the crowd into the Polymorphines Sound.

Up next is a more of a blues Big Sugar influenced song. Any Big Sugar fan will agree that this song really hit’s a influential string to me. I’m pretty sure this is why I am drawn into this song so much. The opening hook is one of the many high points of the song, also the blended performance of the opening lyrics which compliment the opening hook. Next to the wicked intro of “Goodbye Kiss” another factor which makes this song sound as good as it does is the guitar solos which are played throughout the song.

If you are looking for an album with a down to earth back to basics Rock sound, or a live Rock show which will leaving you wanting more then The Polymorphines are for you. You can pick up their album by going to and