The Polytones – You And I Were Made Of Dynamite

The Polytones – You And I Were Made Of Dynamite

The Polytones are a 4 piece band that comes out of Ottawa. The Ottawa Xpress has hailed The Polytones has the new “Ottawa’s Premiere pop band!” While listening to this album I can see why that assumption is right on the money Leisa Manchulenko voice is what makes The Polytones and this album stand out. Ben Wilson plays a couple of instruments in The Polytones, guitar, keyboards and can be heard on vocals as well. George Jennings is the bass guitar. Finally there is Brenda Bedford on drums and percussion.

The Polytones have now broken into the top 50 of the Canadian charts respectfully. I was disappointed when The Polytones were not able to make their cd release party (due to Brenda Bedford having to undergo emergency surgery but luckily she is alright now!) in Kingston but I was able to get my hands on this great album. I have noticed that the album has been reasonably priced at all the local music stores here in Kingston. The local music stores were also able to place the album on the first shelf when you walk into the store.

The Polytones sound is pop oriented with what I find has a hidden touch of folk placed into their music. You And I Were Made Of Dynamite is full of potential pop hits and Broken Stems would be the one song that could lead The Polytones into the spotlight. While going listening to this album throughout every song, I still can not get over how much Leisa’s voice stands out to me.

The album starts out with my personnel favourite Souvenir. The song has a laid back feel to it and has a rhythmic mild tempo. The guitar playing at the start of the song and throughout the song is what hooked me onto Souvenir. The other factor that made this song my favourite, is when you get your first taste of Leisa’s amazing lyrical voice. I’m not sure if other people will agree with me when I compare Leisa’s voice with the next Sarah Harmer but not in the folk music sense that Sarah sings, but the pop music version.

King Of Siam is the second song on the album. The song starts out with a fast guitar pick that can be commonly found at the start of U2 songs. After about 25 seconds the rest of the band kicks in. Like most of the other songs on the album King Of Siam follows the same pop music speed.

Songs That You’ll Never Sing is the eighth song on the album. This song stood out to me as I was skipping through the tracks. It was the heavier start to the song that caught my listening ear. You can hear the other band members help out with the lyrics in this song. While listening to this song I caught myself tapping my toes away to this song.

You And I Were Made Of Dynamite is the second offering from The Polytones but is the first full length album that they have added to the music world. This is an excellent indie music album which will probably build and carry The Polytones career and definately worth picking up if you see it in your local music store. .