The Reaktion – Believe In Revolution

This is one album where I can really pin point a direct genre for where to place this album into. There is so much going on in each song, there are multiple genres compiled throughout each song on the album that is making it quite difficult. To name something close to their sound I would have to go with an electronic Metal album. The Guitars and Vocals are the definite Metal Force behind the album, yet the vocals do wrangle in between Metal and Rock throughout the album but for the most part they have more of a Metal Edge. There must have been quite the few discussions on the how the finished sound of the album was going to turn out because of the extensive mixing and mastering that has been recorded in each song. I couldn’t even take a guess at how long it took the guys to write each song let alone how long it took to record the album. One thing is for sure the first couple of times you listen through this album you will not be able to guess at what is coming next in each song.

The most important aspect of The Reaktion – Believe In Revolution is the fact that is album is basically serving a message to the world. You have to take considerable admiration toward the lyrics in each song off this album; the songs are lyrically driven with the instrumental aspect of the songs serving as a outer coating for the lyrics. After listening to this album at least a dozen times I am still probably misinterpreting the full meaning of the lyrics.

Believe In Revolution starts off with The Network, there is about thirty seconds of an electronic sounding buildup before the song starts to take off a little bit. When the vocals start to kick in the tempo of the song begins to slow down.  The lead and backing vocals are cleverly performed in this song, by blending and mixing up the vocals and lyrics they help drive the sound meaning of the song deeper.  The instrumental aspect of the song is pretty interesting as the song fades in and out of life throughout.

The Members of The Reaktion are

Simon Rojas – Vocals, Guitars, Programming
Diego Sagredo – Guitars, Vocals, Programming
Leonardo Signorelli – Drums , Vocals
Philip Monypenny – Bass, Vocals

“Taken The Risk” is an interesting song and one of my favourites off the album. There is however a bit of time to kill during the forty five second long instrumental intro before you get to the core of the song. The main riff in the song is one of my highlights from the album. the programming/electronic keys which sound as if they are influenced by Evanescence. Overtop of the guitars and drums the vocals take a charge in the song. There are a few different vocal styles in this song which all come together to create a unique sounding song. The main vocals are Hard Rock with the backing vocals taking a bit of a lighter turn, then to finish out the song they turn to the sounds of Heavy Metal.