The Rentons Choose A Life


Choose A Life, a five-song EP released by The Rentons in 2012, is a gritty pop rock album. The word that keeps coming to mind to describe these songs is gritty. There is a large amount of distortion used on not only the guitar parts, but the vocal parts as well. It gives this album a garage band type feel. Because of all of the distortion, it’s difficult to understand the vocal parts in most of the songs, which puts the focus on the instruments. All of the songs have a similar vibe at first listen, but after a few listens, each song’s particularities become more apparent. Each one has their own particular guitar lick repeated throughout the song, differing it from the others. My favorite track from the album isReverie. It’s the only song that doesn’t start with a distorted guitar part, but instead, a drumbeat followed by the bass and a clean and catchy picking pattern.  All in all, The Rentons did a good job on their first EP, creating five solid tunes.

Written by Veronique Giguere