The Rising Few Sinners On St.Laurent

The Rising Few

Sinners On St.Laurent

While already playing various live shows and already taking home a first place finish in the LME Showcase Event The Rising Few are about to release their debut  album Sinners On St.Laurent.

The Rising Few have fused together the sounds of Jazz, Pop, Rock/Blues, and Folk to create their first album Sinners On St. Laurent.

Their debut album begins with the title track “Sinners On St. Laurent” you will be quickly taken away by the smoothing vocals of Karim Terouz. Karim’s smooth and slick sounding Jazz/pop vocals graciously flow throughout the song.  As well as the vocals the lyrics are quite cleverly written by Karim as well, the lyrics come straight from the visual exposures from which Karim has taken in while living in Montreal. The instrumental aspect of the song goes perfectly hand in hand with the vocals as well. . If you are intrigued by lyrics such as I am you will be delighted with the full composition and arrangement of the song. My ears were drawn quite regularly to the acoustic guitar in the song as I listened to the song over and over again. The overall mixing with the song is put together quite nicely, a small but a rather large impact in the songs sound was the addition of the trumpet in the song.  If you have time you should check out the music video they recorded as well.

Following “Sinners On St.Laurent” there is another feel good upbeat song titled “I Want You Now”. Now don’t judge this song with what you hear in the first few seconds, as the song starts off with a solo Doo Wop vocal intro with a guitar being slowly strummed to follow suit. After about twenty five seconds the song kicks into a total different sound, as the trumpet takes the lead in what I would call the second intro. It might seem a small gesture for some people but I really enjoyed the hi-hat sound which is placed in the background of the song also the extra lead electric guitar work is quite striking as well. Karim’s vocals again are one of the most prominent sounds in the song. As I listened to the lyrics it was quite evident that Karim strained close to the previous song either being his own experiences or ones that he witnessed as he was working in the nightlife of Montreal. The mixing of the song is really put together quite nicely; the levels between the instruments and vocals are well received.

Now there are extra bonuses on the album as well, with the studio version of “Sinners On St.Laurent”, and extra acoustic versions of “Date In Montreal”, “The Start” and “Tomorrow’s Lullaby”.

You can pick up your copy of Sinners On St.Laurent by visiting www.TheRisingFew.Com