The Scarlett Fever – The Best 10 Months Of Classics

The Scarlett Fever – The Best 10 Months Of Classics


Ottawa natives The Scarlett Fever put out a Rock album that is worth checking out.

The Scarlett Fever’s album The Best Of 10 Months Of Classics released in late 2007 is now the bands driving force in making a statement in the Ottawa Music scene.

The members of The Scarlett Fever are on this album are (currently going through lineup changes) Tap Nanoon on Lead Vocals and Bass Guitar, The Iceman Pearson on Lead Guitar, Keys and Backup Vocals, General Burns on Drums, Backup Vocals.

There are a few influences that are combined with the Scarlett Fevers sound a couple main bands that can be considered to be influences are Guns N Roses, Cheap Trick, Bruce Springsteen.

“Don’t Wanna Go” kicks off The Best Of 10 Months Of Classics. The songs starts off with a mini drum beat which leads into the riff of the song. The Guitars sound a little stronger than the vocals sound. I think the vocals should have been a little deeper which would blend in with the guitars a little more. I do however like how the vocals have a raspy sound to them. The main riff of the song is a simple one which in turn is alright because it creates a neutral sounding song. It makes the song very radio friendly, and I know everyone likes to unwind to Rock songs every now and again. If I was playing a live show with this song I would put it at the bottom of the set list. To finish off the song they guys finish off with the main riff.

“My Girlfriend” is a catchy little number. Here is a toe-tapper type of song, it almost has a pop feel to it. The background vocals are a nice touch to the song. The keys also add a nice little flavour to the song. The lyrics again shine out as one of the main factors why I chose to talk about this song, the lyrics contain a bit of irony to them. The vocals match very nicely to the music in this song also, they also keep the rock sound to the song. I also am in favour of when the song softens a little bit a little more than halfway through the song, but picks up afterwards.

“Evicted” is the third song off of The Best 10 Months Of Classics. I first skipped to this song when I first received the album, not because I heard the song before but because of the title. Whenever I see the title of a song called Evicted I know there is usually something good about the lyrics. In The Scarlett Fevers case their lyrics go like this…

Cause there’s a note on the door
I Drank my money away
My rent is due today
Drank my money away
And I’m being evicted

This verse is changed a little bit throughout the song, but still gets the same point out. The starting of the song is pretty good a little catchy. If the entire song carried the same tenacity as the starting of the song did it would provide a little more strength to the album. The vocals in the song almost overshadow the guitars in the song, as they are a bit louder than the guitars, the Drums also seem to be a bit quite also they just seem to play far in the background of the song. In the end, the song is pretty good, I am in favour of the lyrics more than anything in the song. |