The Scarlett Fever

The Scarlett Fever

Ottawa has been hit by the Fever, The Scarlett Fever that is. The guys have released a brand new self- titled ep.

The new ep consists of four tracks, three which are new and one that was one of my personal favourite from their debut album The Best of 10 Months of Classics. “Get It For Free”, “Wasted Time” is the new tracks. “Tomorrow” and the lyrical song about the Rock n Roll lifestyle “Evicted” tops up the album that leaves you with The Scarlett Fever.

“Get It For Free” is the first song and kicks off the EP. The sound of the Guitars and the crashing sound of the cymbals start the song with a catchy little hook. Tap Nanoon continues and carries on the Scarlett Fever vocals. The vocals give off the feeling of early and mid 90’s alternative sound, but not the harsh and coarse sounds that Kurt had, but more of a mid ranged slight deeper sound. The opening introduction of the song is played again during the song when a new verse is starts with was a good decision for the song. At about midway through the song changes tempo and slows down a little bit, and the vocals take a deeper and stronger approach, the tempo does however starts to slowly build backup and the song finishes out strong.

Even though I talked about this song in the first review that I wrote for Scarlett Fever, I still can’t get away from this song. I’m not going to lie it’s the lyrics mostly in this song that I like the most. However there is a catchy hook at the start of the song that also should bring in your listening ears. A Section of the lyrics that I still like the best are…

Well I Drank my money away And My rent is due today Well IDrank my money away And Now I’m being evicted

The guitars seem to have the ability of being able to speak the lyrics for the song as well; In a couple of spots you can catch yourself singing the words to the song from the guitars. The song also has a nice potential to being able to appeal to a live audience with a vocal and handclap participation.

“Tomorrow” is a definite switch in music compared to Scarlett Fever’s other songs. They keyboards are a definite plus in this song. It gives the band a totally different sound compared to the other tracks. The song has the potential to reach a wide variety of different listeners. One of my favourite segments of the song is the opening guitar picking. For me it has a large “Shinedown” appeal to it. The opening guitar picking leads into the theatrical sounding keyboards. In “Tomorrow” the vocals take a back seat and the instruments bring the song its strength. There are a few nice little guitar riffs and solos that are blended into the song. I think the ending of the song should have finished out strong with the keyboards, the drums, and the guitars playing instead of the slower exit that is has. Now going back to the starting of the song I know this is a very small thing to mention or to even to notice but I really like how there is the bend in the guitar string just before the keyboards and drums kick in.

You can pick-up your copy of the new EP off of their website.