The Stanfields Modem Operandi


The Stanfields
Modem Operandi

The Brand New Release from The Stanfields titled Modem Operandi will simply blow you away the first time you listen to this album. I couldn’t believe the power of the opening tracks when I listened to the album for the first time. The Standfields hit your ears right away with one hell of a scream right after a quick and powerful intro. The sound of “White Juan” in general is something that I didn’t expect to hear at all coming from my car stereo. Talk about a turn and experimental tones with your music. When I first heard this Punk/East Coast/ Rock track I wondered if they completely changed their sound, my thought was quickly put to rest as “The Marystown Expedition” began to play.

The second song “The Marystown Expedition” is one of my favourite songs off of Modem Operandi. The Standfields brings back their traditional sounds into this track. The rhythm to the song is quite enjoyable and I found Jon’s vocals do an exceptional job in carrying the power of the lyrics throughout the song. It’s the tone in which he uses throughout the song that carries the song away for me. Now the length of the song is another matter all onto itself coming in at just under eight minutes. With this it takes away the possibility for radio play. The length also proves the story telling abilities with The Stanfields writing as well. You could almost say that this song is more of a two part or a song with a song attached to it.

Now onto my favourite song and my choice for a first single “Fight Song”. Now how could a song like this be ignored. Right away from the opening signal the song takes ahold of your ears.
The electric guitar riff although easy definitely gets the job done. The riff isn’t the only guitar highlight in the song you have to check out the bridge around the minute and a half mark. The way they build up the song and take it away after the bridge is beautifully done. Jon works his magic again with his gritty and strong attitude, now you also have to add in the strength of the chanting background vocals as well that hit at just the right moments. This would be one song to see live especially in a sweaty drunken environment.

To slow things down and lighten up the album a little bit “Streets Of Gold” hits the album as the sixth song.