The Steadies Love Revolution

the-steadies-love-revolutionThe Steadies
Love Revolution

Earlier in the Summer The Steadies released their brand new album titled Love Revolution. With a sound which is all of their own – a mix of Reggae, Rock, Pop, Jazz and even a hint of Hip Hop and to a tone that is Rocksteady.

The Steadies rely on their catchy grooves to make each song work throughout the album, either it be between the guitar and drums, or the Bass Guitar and Drums. Each song has a specific tone and rhythm applied to it.

The album starts off with my favourite track off of the album “Run Run”. Earl starts off the song with basic rhythm that leads you right into the song. I really liked how Earl and Juice shares spots during the intro of the song instead of playing overtop of each other. The vocals also possess a different sound throughout, I found it really depends on who is singing lead vocals either it being Earl, Juice or Lexie. The backing vocals provided by Lexie adds a nice extra layer within the vocals and help fill in the void that would left.

Up next is another upbeat track with “Take Me”. Now here is an interesting sounding song especially genre wise. The combination of the bass and drums gives “Take Me” its rhythm throughout. Now vocally speaking the reggae tone is dropped right out as Earl switches to more of a smoothed and glossed over pop approach. The guitars are also a different driving sound as well, I found a I really got a 70’s funk approach to them. The left to right play that came through my headphones throughout the track was a different approach, technique and sound as well.

Now a bit of a throwback sound to the album “Rocksteady” does the job. The guitars screams early surf and Rocksteady. Just the tone of the guitar from Juice has quite the vintage sound applied to it.