The Strain – Hushhush

The Strain – Hushhush
Don’t let the album title fool you The Strain is anything but Hushhush. The Strain has put together six tracks ranging from New Wave Pop to Synth Rock.

To get the full enjoyment and deep sound which Hushhush has recorded onto this album you definitely have to put the album through a descent set of speakers, I made the mistake and listened to the album all week at work on just my work cd player and it wasn’t until I brought the album home and listened to it again before I realized how deep the album actually goes.

The album starts off a little slow with a synth and drum intro where it gives you an eighties feeling. Throughout the song the vocals go hand in hand along side of the syth. I have always been a little against using a synth or other altering methods when it comes to altering vocals but in this case with “Untold” I found it is almost essential. Throughout the songs as the synth sound progresses so does the vocals and they seem to go hand and hand with each other.  The deep bass grooves in the song also help to shade the vocals a little almost hiding a few lyrics now and again in the song. “Untold” is one of the off colour songs compared to what is going to play out next.

“Cold Shot Girl” is one of the more easy sounding songs off of the album and also my favourite songs off the album. Instrumentally there is a lot going on in the song but for me it’s the smooth flowing sound in the song that does it for me. The vocals also leave a bit of that studio touch alone in the song as well which helps out large for me. Now the lyrics as well as the synth are quirky at times but it doesn’t hurt the song in anyway yet sets the song aside from the others on the album. The lyrics are also easy to understand and you will probably start to remember bits and parts of the lyrics from the first time through and quickly bring them through the next few times you listen to the song.

“The Rapture” edges in more of a tougher sound for The Strain, with the inclusion of this song “The Rapture” really gives the album more of a diverse sound. I was actually a little surprised to hear a song as heavy as this song is included on the album. The opening hook into the song immediately caught my ears the first time through the album, although the song does change a little throughout the duration of the song it still keeps to the same basic constraints. Out of all the songs on the album I would say this one has the best chance of getting radio play in and around Kingston. You could say that this song has variety of mixed sounds but I think the easiest way to put it would be a newer sounding Depeche Mode type of sound.

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