The Superstitions – Fearless EP

The Superstitions – Fearless EP

The Superstitions distorted metal pounding sound rips through their fast pace Fearless Ep.

Riding really heavy on distorted guitars and a little harder on the vocals The Superstitions manage to fill out  a seven song Ep.

The me what really saves this Ep from the mass amounts of distortion is the guitars riffs throughout the album. Every song on the album really has its own riffs which take my mind off the vocals and put most of my focus on the guitars and drums. What Tyler on vocals have going for him is his ability to follow along fairly close with the flow of the guitars and drums but still remaining a little loose.

The EP starts off with “Distorted Reality”  just before kicking off into the album full gear Victoria slips in a  couple quick pick harmonics before one of the many to come catchy guitar riffs take off. My advice to you is if you crank it up as I did driving in your vehicle I would advise turning up the bass a little bit as the treble in this song and the rest of the album will probably make your ears bleed. The song finishes just under the two minute mark. One of the highlights of “Distorted Reality” for me is the Victoria on guitar after the first verse, the changeover is really quick which leads into one of the main riffs in the song. If you like the riff as I did they do appear a couple more times in the song.

Skipping over a song “Blackout” plays third on the EP. Keeping simple in mind Victoria kicks out nice easy listening chord progression which doesn’t go over the top as a couple of the other songs do. As I listened to the song a couple of times through I found myself trying to understand and listen more to the vocals. I am in favour of the heavy use of the cymbals from Aaron. The last verse in the song is my favourite in the song especially when it came down to the guitars.  I was a little surprised that they went with a fade out ending, and not a sudden stop.

The second last song on the Ep “Waste”  is perhaps one of their more heavier songs. They move away a little from the sound which has played out so far on the album. Even the vocals deepen a little bit more but do become a little more comprehendible because of the change. The tempo of the song also got droned down a little bit as well, which helps create the heavier and deeper sound. The mixture between all three members went over pretty good as well.

The Superstitions are currently working on a few new tracks but you can pick up a copy of this album by visiting their website