The Swear – Every Trick’s A Good One

The Swear – Every Trick’s A Good One


The Swear is an up and fast rising band from Atlanta, Georgia. Their debut album EP is out in stores now and is called Every Trick’s A Good One. For a debut album The Swear is getting more and more commercial and media success. Their tracks from the album can be heard on Television shows such as Smallville, Wanted, Roswell, Reunion. While some bands only get picked up by one channel The Swear have been picked up by Fox, TNT, The WB, The Discovery Channel and one of the most important channels MTV. The Swear is fronted by Elizabeth Elkins who plays guitar and also the Lead Vocals. Elizabeth is backed by Jeremy Zamora on Guitar, Kevin Williams on Bass and Kent Aberle on Drums. The six songs on the album are “Last Breath”, “Letters Faded”, “The Sleep Inside”, “List”, “January”, “Chicago”.

Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, NIN (Nine Inch Nails) for the people who have tunnel vision when it comes to music, Greenday, and Hole are just some of the influences that power The Swear when it comes to their music and sound. The first time I heard the opening song “Llast Breath” I instantly picked out Courtney Love for the perfect influence for Elizabeth’s voice.

“Last Breath” is the first of six songs on Every Trick’s A Good One. While listening the rest of the album “Last Breath” is on par for what your ears will hear throughout the other 5 songs. Meaning the Album sounds professional, the music well, is just good listening. Not saying that it is a bad thing, out of all the songs, none of the songs sound like filler songs. What stood out to me in this song is the ending when the title of the album is repeated about 9 times.

“Letters Faded” is the second song on Every Trick’s A Good One. The song opens up with a one second drum roll which opens for the catchy opening guitar riff. “Letters Faded” is just a flat out good alternative rock song. One of the sections in the song that should be mentioned is when the vocals stand out and say

“One time now you think you’re in
Two times not again
One time now you think you’re in
Last time not again”

“The Sleep Inside” is my favourite song on the album. The Opening guitar lick is what caught my ears right away. The lick only lasts a couple of seconds but it was enough to keep me listening and play the song back to back a couple of times. After the guitar lick the song kicks into Elizabeth singing above Kevin on bass. The vocals were nicely mixed into the song. When the song hits the bass section of the song the vocals were lowered to follow the bass and drums, and just before the guitars kick in the vocals were raised to follow and blend in with the guitars. I also liked when the Elizabeth kept repeating “The Sleep Inside” near the end of the song.

When I finished listening to the album five or six times it’s no wonder The Swear is getting the attention that they deserve. While I find most bands debut album shows the bands potential. In The Swear case they show that they were prepared and ready to record this album, having their band sound down, keeping the lyrics down to a tame making their music playable on television.