The Tin Man Too Many Lines EP

th etin man

The Tin Man
Too Many Lines EP

Too Many Lines by The Tin Man has an interesting approach as an Ep as the album expresses interest as a Rock/ Folk album and has a enough of a Country push to really leave you looking at the different sides of The Tin Man.

The soft and toned and/yet inviting vocals are what drive this album. The vocals for me are what drives the Country music genre with my approach to this ep. “Please Don’t Let Me Go” is a song that you need to check out on the album. I could see this song being played on the radio without a problem. The way the song flows with the guitar being gently played in the background during the first minute of the song sets “Please Don’t Let Me Go” up for me. Then you also have the backing female vocals that coexist perfectly. Another note that I have to make for the track is the fact that the vocals react accordingly as the song progresses in strength.

“Already Gone” is another pick off of Too Many Lines. The opening lick is quite fetching, but not enough to take your ears off of the vocals (pretty close Though). The backing vocals are a nice layer on the song, but don’t have the power as they did in the previous song. The backing vocals more or less add a shadowing effect onto the track. The ending to the track could have been cut up to ten seconds or so.

The album really lights up with the track “Don’t Want To Be Free”. It’s a bit Southern but still has the deepness in the guitars to be a country song. If the guitars were played in a higher and more screeching tone I think you could get away with rock song here. But the deepness of the track still tries the song as a country track. I do like how the vocals grew some to keep in tone with the song as well. The backing vocals almost get entirely lost in the track and buried by the lead vocals and guitar in the track. The fiddle in the track is a definite highlight as well, as it really gives a defining sound as the song progresses to the end. I don’t think I would place this song as a single due to the fact that this track sound nothing like the rest of the album, but possibly a video instead, or something just to raise a bit more awareness to The Tin Man.