The ToneKats – Damaged, Not Broken

The ToneKats – Damaged, Not Broken

The ToneKats long awaited debut album Damaged, Not Broken rips through nine songs with striking guitar riffs and licks to demand the attention   which they solely deserve.

While still possibly still deciding on The ToneKats “sound” Damaged, Not Broken gives a great variety of Blues/Rock infused songs.

The variety which appears within each song is one of the great selling features of the album. The album starts off with a heavier blues classic rock infused song, then the second song turns into a downed tempo acoustic track titled “Easy Road”. The placement of the songs on the album are a little interesting, song that would seem to blend in with each other are placed after a song with a completely different tempo and sound. But this is what makes the listening to the album so interesting the first time around because you do not know what is going to come next. By breaking up the song you find yourself not turning into a drone listening to the album, as your ears are perked by the break up in the songs.

After the song “Thinking About Yourself” which tips the line of being a classic rock/ballad line, “Fake It” plays after and picks the tempo of the album right back up. A simple heavy progression opens up the song with a heavy bang. John Sedgwick also picks up the power in the vocal end of the song to match the instrumental aspect of the song. A few times during the song the guitars almost overpower Dave on vocals.  The instrument break up in the song is a nice little change. “Fake It” will be the “song” to watch being played live, while the energy of the song is pumped up compared to a couple of the other tracks. My favourite section of the song to be watched live will be when John intros in the Bass, and Guitar solos and how they are played and carried out live compared to the album maybe they will be the same but I could see them being expanded live. The live show must have been a definite foresight while writing this song.

My favourite song off of Damaged, Not Broken plays eighth on the album and is called “I’m Vespertine”. The title is a fitting song for a working band in the bar scene. Right away the opening heavy thick blues riff will hook you right into the song. John added a little bit extra to his vocals to the song, by singing the lyrics in a heavier tone and with a little bit more of a rasp. After witnessing most of  The ToneKats guitar collection I can picture the guitar which was used in the song especially during the string picking portions of the song. The riff is the definite backbone of the song throughout its entirety then if you didn’t think the riff was enough about halfway through the song a wicked guitar solo is thrown in for good measure. This song would be my favoured song to be the lead off single from the album.

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