The Universal – The Outsiders


The albums kicks off with an explosive Classic Rock song titled “If You Want It”. The guys waste no time in setting up as they instantly hit your ears with a catchy Classic Rock Blues style riff with a shaker being played systematically in the background. The riff stands just under fifteen seconds in length before they hit us with full force.  For me the vocal accent from Terry Shaughnessy screams out that vintage 70’s Classic rock infused with modern Rock N Roll. The addition of the organ was a great touch to the song. The organ acts more than just a filler of sound yet plays a vital role in the overall sound of the track. I was left impressed with the song as they take a few different directions throughout the duration, the instrumental break just before the three minute mark with was led into by a lengthy guitar solo was a definite high point in the song for me.

When “Superman” began to play there is no doubt that The Beatles do not play a vital role in the influence of Terry’s song writing. Right from the opening riff it is quite easy to spot the musical tastes that create the Universal sound. The tempo of the song is a little slower than the previous tracks but it does suit the guitar work in the song quite well. The a few sections of the song the instruments almost over power the vocals as the vocals appear a little faint in comparison. I rather enjoyed the bridge work in the song especially in the later half of the song. I would have taken out the lengthy silence at the end of the track however as it lasts for about ten seconds.

They pick the album right back up when “Don’t You Be Fooled” begins to play. They quickly hook you into the song with the opening riffs provided by Terry and Piet. The opening riffs turn into the backbone and forefront force of the entire song. The heavier bass effect in the song definitely boosts the song strength up. The small finger slide effect throughout the back riff sounds really good, really gives the song an extra kick of sound. The way they work the vocals into the same pattern of the guitars and drums in song sounded great and actually makes me look forward in hearing that part every time I listen to “Don’t You Be Fooled”. The real only unfortunate aspect about the song is the lengthy silent treatment that we get at the end of the song.

To finish off the album the self titled track “The Outsiders” is in place. With a slower tempo they finish off the album with a sit down and relax type of sound. The track mainly focuses on the vocals, as the guitars take control of the relaxing atmosphere.  There is a little bit of a touch and go when it comes to the harmonizing vocals which do help in the end finish off the album.