The Vim Dicta Von Tango EP

The Vim Dicta

 Von Tango EP

The Vim Dicta in two days will release their brand new Ep titled Von Tango. The conception of the album is quite interesting mixing the sounds of Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock and a whole lot of Groovy Distortion.

The album starts off with my favourite song off of Von Tango “Point Blank”. If the band was looking for commercial success with the album this would be the song that I would pick as a lead single. Although the length of the song may hurt the chances of any radio play since the song is over six and a half minutes long. The song starts off with a quick Jazz drum solo before going into one hell of a rhythmic bass groove, just the bass groove alone brought me right into the song. Luckily for me the groove plays throughout the song and become the backbone to the song. Along with the bass groove another highlight of the song for me is with Cori adding in her ever changing tempo vocals to the song. Just as the previous song there is an incredible amount of instrumental work, which does throw in a curve ball about half way through the song when Vim Dicta seems to be ending the song by slowing the pace and decibels right down only to pick the song back up and carry on into another jam.

  1. Point Blank
  2. Name Of The Game
  3. Stallion
  4. Von Tango
  5. Teaspoon

To finish off Von Tango, The Vim Dicta keeps the groove going to the very end by playing one hell of a catchy simple deep groovy guitar riff with the song “Teaspoon”. The groovy riff stays around throughout the song which helps carry and lift the song along after the many abrupt Jam segments. Cori Elliott’s vocals certainly give the song a different attitude than how the guitars and drums portray the song. The many different ranges and tempos that she adds throughout the song gives the song a jazz feel but also give the song a bit of a darkened gothic sound as well. I would have never guessed that there were no overdubs added to their songs if the Vim Dicta didn’t say so. There is such an incredible amount of instrumental and vocal sound in this song that it is almost hard to believe. The length of the song is pretty impressive as well, with just about six and a half minutes in length. Now hearing this song live I could imagine the Vim Dicta would be able to push ten minutes especially with the instrumental breaks that they have created in “Teaspoon”.

You can pick up your copy on October 22nd at Amazon ( ).and iTunes