The Void RobotSpaceLove


The Void

With The Void using RobotSpaceLove, as the title of their album, they basically sum up most of the sound and genre bending sounds that you are going to hear throughout the album. If their distortion or fuzz pedals ever go they are going to be in some serious trouble trying to recreate their sound. Along side of the fuzz and distortion I also get a lot of 90’s alternative and grunge from their songs as well. Take their first song titled “Wave Machine” for example, the opening riff you could swear was straight from the 90’s or at least something that you would have watched on Much Music. The guitars is what bring this song to life, now if they had a better recording and a proper space to record the song it would be really give this song and the album a definite kick. But hell you have to give the guys credit by the way they recorded the album and actually being able to put the entire album together.

“Everyone” was an interesting track the first time I heard the song, using a cleaner sounding and slower tempo guitar riff to kick the song off. It doesn’t take the guys long before they overlay the song with the deep distorted guitar sound. It’s a little unfortunate that the quality of the recording dampers the overall sound of the song. Now if you are fan of the opening riff it does appear again in the song. The song changes gears and sounds a couple of times throughout the song, the bridge is where the song really takes a different turn, the extra keys layer I feel was a little too much for the song.

If the guys say that they are not fans or are influenced by The Smashing Pumpkins I would probably have to call them liars after listening to the guitars in “Summer”. The deep and heavy sound helps cover up the sound a bit, but for me it’s the riff and rhythm that sticks out the most for me.

“Knife To The Heart” gives the album its punk and grunge sound. He vocals have a big role in the overall sound with the song as well. The vocals follow along with the rawness of the guitars as well, and give out a bit more power than what I have heard so far on the album.