This Gun For Hire Something A Little More Sinister

This Gun For Hire
Something A Little More Sinister

For a Debut Metalcore album This Gun For Hire has put together one hell of a package with Something A Little More Sinister. Each song has its own attitude and separates its self from the next. However they do have their particular sound which follows them throughout the album. Another fact that makes this album such a package is the fact that they have recorded 12 songs and runs just under an hour in length. The smoothness and overall good recording and engineered sound is present in the album as well. The attention to the layering for me is key to what makes this album works and sounds the way it does.

The very first notion about Something A Little More Sinister that caught my ears was the vocals. The layering of the layers throughout the album definitely shows that there was quite a bit of attention put forth in the mixing and recording phases. The mix of the growls and alternative “Clean” vocals are ever present throughout the album, and there are even other hints of a third and fourth layers strewn throughout in certain areas. I did however find that when the spoken word segments in such songs as in “Set This Path didn’t really go over that well. I found that the two vocals fought with each other and turned the process and sound into a wash and mashed sound.

Being a Metal band I was actually surprised by the amount of guitar rhythms that are played throughout the album. For myself this works out in This Gun For Hire’s favour as I prefer my metal with a rhythm attached. This is what draws me into 80’s thrash and Metal as much as it does. The songs do not seem as if they are all played at random. This also helps me look over the growls and down points in the vocals and the off track tempo changes that happens.

My favourite song from the album thus far, it may change in a later time but right now it’s “One Hell Bent Lot Lizard”. Not going to lie the first thing that caught my attention was the song title. The guitar intro into the song stands out as well, especially with the tone of the guitar. The way they slowly introduce the rhythm of the song is nicely put together. I imagine live they could cut this into a longer segment. Also the way they go with the stronger alternative sound instead of the growls and a softer tone goes hand in hand with the guitars. Later on in the track they do get into the melodic vocals. The backing vocals are almost layered onto the point where they almost overtake the lead vocals though.