Tiger Uppercut Rawk

Tiger Uppercut


Tiger Uppercut has digitally released their debut E.P titled Rawk. The album overall sound represents the raw and cutting indie sound/edge that we now have come to know Tiger Uppercut to live and play by.

The album was recorded live off the floor which gives the album that gritty and edgy sound, with only minor vocal dubs being added afterwards.  Hopefully the guys will be able to get a professional mix of the album completed at some point in time, but with this version you also get an idea of their live sound as well.

Right away after I got the emails with the tracks from their lead guitarist Jason, I had to jump onto “Heart Of The Valley” first and see how the track sounded in a recorded version. If they were choosing a lead single off of the EP this would definitely be the song that I would be choosing. “Heart Of The Valley” was the first song that really made me open my eyes towards the band when I heard them play this song live for the first time. There is a small and quick quirky bass to the song (which I would guess would be to signify a heartbeat)before Josh goes into the main bass riff for the song, which is catchy as hell and the main reason why I like this song as much as I do. Also the fact that the vocals are powered through and are sung at a mostly talking/yelling approach adds that much more to the indie sound of the song and band. I don’t think Jason could have picked a better guitar pedal to use for this song, by using a highly distorted sound for his sound it really helps to amplify Josh’s bass guitar.

“Pink Underwear” is a second song for me that stands out on the album. The song has a bit of a different sound to it compared to the other tracks Rawk. As the song begins you would think you are about to hear slowed down 1960’s surf genre song, But quickly they erase that theory and move into their alternative punk sound. This is one of the only songs where you can tell Andrew is at the helm of the drum kit as he almost takes everything else out behind his heavy and loud drumming. The distortion of Josh’s mic adds that extra vintage sound to the song as well, which helps play up the intro part of the song. You may have to listen to the song a couple of times to catch a good handle on the lyrics in the song and it’s well worth the time it takes to listen to what  Josh is singing, especially after the half way point in the song.

Track Listing

  1. Beat Up Truck
  2. Heart Of The Valley
  3. Waltz With Your Ghost
  4. Pink Underwear
  5. Memories Of A Fishery
  6. The Good, The Bad, The Boss

You can listen to all of their tracks by visiting https://soundcloud.com/tigeruppercutband , https://www.facebook.com/tigeruppercutband